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Written by Andrea.
6+ years of experience. Only the best B2B tips.

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Behind the ads

Hey 👋

We’re Andrea & Niko , cofounders of Diligent Studios® , a B2B digital marketing agency, and creators of Adfolio.

Our 6+ years of experience in the industry have resulted in lots of campaigns planned, ads created and landing pages built.

When strategizing and designing all of that we use our moodboards and swipe files we’ve curated over the years.

Or we simply create new ones, depending on the project.

Inspiration is all around us, you just have to pay attention. And take scheenshots. And not forget about them 🥲.

But how did we go from our internal moodboards/swipe files to an ad library with breakdowns?

The short answer is: we listened to people.

The long answer, well, let’s leave that to Andrea.

“It all started when I wanted to share a case study on a hero section redesign we did for a client.

So I broke down the copy and explained our process.

And it took off. It got a lot of engagement and positive comments.

This got me thinking about doing breakdowns for ads as well. What if I started sharing my opinion and giving ratings to interesting ads I discover?

This below was the result of my thinking session. (You can swipe the ads, or click to see the posts)

And people on LinkedIn ❤️ it!

So the next logical step was to create a library of the best ads we’ve found. And explain why they work.

So that anyone can get inspired to write and design their perfect ad! 🎉"

Submit your own ad

If you think you have an ad that deserves to be here, feel free to send it to us! But keep mind since our list is curated, hand picked and contains only the highest quality ads, we'll only include those that really check all the boxes. The chosen ones would also get a breakdown to go with it.

[email protected]


We're currently open for potential sponsorships if they align with us and our vision. Reach out and we'll see if we're a match.

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